• To respond to your complaints or remarks responsibly, it is advisable that you should only refer to the reception
  • All campsites are numbered. If you want to change site, please inquire at the reception first. To pitch a second tent, to get electricity, and, generally, before any change in the initial situation that the reception is aware of, please ask first
  • For any variation in the number of persons registered at your account, please inform the reception and make sure that such change is recorded
  • Visits are only allowed following a permit and handing over of the visitor's Identity Card or Passport. Visitors can stay in the campground for no longer than four (4) hours. For more than four (4) hours and up to six (6) hours, visitors will be charged for one-day stay and, for six (6) to twenty-four (24) hours, they will be charged for overnight stay
  • Any empty camping mean in a site, will be charged as camping mean
  • For wheeled vehicles, the maximum speed limit within campgrounds is 10km/hour. Entrance into the campground of any driver exceeding the speed limit will not be allowed again in the future. Besides, the camp's security guard has the right to refuse entrance to any driver who, in his estimation, has consumed a large amount of alcohol or other substances
  • In every rental accommodation or/and in clients' camping mean, only one car is allowed. Parking in any other place within campgrounds will be charged with the cost of one campsite with one tent
  • Use of cars is only allowed upon entrance and exit from the camp, never for movement within campgrounds
  • Entrance-exit of cars is allowed from 7.00a.m. to 23.00pm. If you wish to return to the camp after 23.00, you will have to park outside and walk to the camp
  • Respect the quiet hours, from 23.00p.m. to 7.00a.m. and from 3.00p.m. to 5.00p.m. At other times, be aware of any noise you make
  • Pets are allowed within campgrounds under certain conditions.  They should not be aggressive or annoying, they should not be left unleashed and unattended, and their owners are responsible to collect the feces of their pets. During quiet times, they should be quiet. Pets are charged according to our pricelist, approved from E.O.T. (National Organization for Tourism) It is necessary to have with you the Certificate of Vaccination and Health for pets and a copy of it, which you are going to leave at the reception
  • The Company offers a stay in nature and shall not be held responsible, among other things, for any accidents and other harmful effects of any activities, flora and fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.), unforeseen events, natural phenomena, accidental events, or non-observance of the rules and regulations
  • The camp's management assumes no responsibility in case of theft or wear of any camping means and equipment. Placing of any valuables inside the camping means is done at the owners' own risk
  • The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by extreme weather events, fires, acts of God, or terrorist attacks
  • For the smooth operation of the camp, the safety of campers, and the overall aesthetics of the camp, any intervention-addition both to the campground and to the camping means - apart from the caravan, a front tent and one umbrella in each campsite- is strictly prohibited
  • Lighting of fires throughout the campground is strictly prohibited. Use of sound systems in the campsites is also prohibited
  • Campers are not allowed to make connection with water-supply or sewerage systems. Emptying of chemical toilets is only done in the specifically designated biological areas
  • It is prohibited to wash dishes, clothing, or cars at the faucets found in various areas of the camp for watering the trees. Lather and stagnant water destroy trees
  • For any failure of electrical appliances that is due to power supply, the Public Power Corporation (DEI) shall be held exclusively responsible
  • Use of high-powered electrical appliances, including cookers, electric ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, etc., and, generally, use of energy-intensive appliances, exceeding 6 Ampere provided by the fuse box, is explicitly prohibited
  • The power distribution boxes are exclusively operated by the camp's staff for safety reasons
  • Children under the age of 14 can make use of different services provided, and take part in the activities, only under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians
  • Parking of boats, inflatable boats, and fuel for engines within campgrounds, is prohibited
  • Payments are being done between 8.00’a.m. and 9.00’p.m.  On the date of departure, you have to deliver your site or rented accommodation by noon (12.00 p.m). The camping reserves the right after 12:00’ (departure hour) to enter the accommodation or remove the tent from its place
  • The company has the right to evict, without a second warning, any campers or visitors who fail to respect the camp's rules and regulations, as well as for any violation or damage caused by their own fault, to any facilities or equipment of the camp, along with the right to impose a corresponding fine and claim damages
  • It is not allowed to move equipment outside the accommodation
  • For any loss or damage, there is a corresponding charge
  • Arrival time (rental accommodations): after 16:00
  • Arrival time (customers’ camping mean): after 12:00
  • Departure time: until 12:00
Linen change policy
We change bath / face towels, bed linen and pillow cases, after 4 days of use, namely on 5th day. When you enter the accommodation, is already cleaned. During your staying, there is no cleaning service provided.
Compliance of these rules and regulations is necessary for our small community