GOLDEN VILLAGE’s COVID-19 Regulations and operation protocol


  1. Camping’s management has the right to keep archive with the campers’ details (Name, Surname,Ethnicity,arrival and departure dates, home address, telephone number and email) visited our establishment.
  2. Reception desk operates for Check-Ins until 11:00 and for Check-Outs until 15:00.
  3. It is recommended to restrict visits to the Reception desk only for significant issues.
  4. Camper’s will have body temperature calculated on Check-In.
  5. Entrance, stay and use of the Camping’s facilities is allowed only to GOLDEN VILLAGE’s campers.


  1. Disinfectants will be available at the entrance of all the public facilities.
  2. Regarding the camper’s distancing, that has to be 5 meters from the entrance and 3 meters from each of the remaining sides of the camping means ( tent,caravan, etc )
  3. At the Refreshments Shop, the maximum number of persons sitting at each table is 6 (families excluded)
  4. The precautional social distancing of 1,5 meters should be kept among campers not belonging to the same family, company or staying overnight in the same means of camping.
  5. Face mask use is encouraged for the camping’s personnel , campers and everyone entering the camping’s public facilities.


  1. Cleaning and disinfection program for the public hygiene sites (showers, toilets, washbasins, sinks) will be notified on a daily basis.
  2.  Sinks and washbasins will be equipped with soap, napkins and bins.
  3. Please avoid crowding in the public hygiene facilities. Social distancing ( 1,5 meter ) is highly encouraged.
  4. Kids under 10 years old are allowed to use the public toilets and showers under parent’s supervision that is in charge of keeping the hygiene regulations.
  5. One-use gloves use is highly encouraged while operating the public kitchen facilities.
  6. Face masks and plastic gloves should be thrown into the trash and not in the recycling bins.
  7. The camping will be equipped with foot operated bins.
  8. Use of disinfectants is encouraged after the use of public hygiene facilities.

Symptoms of Infection

  1. Fever, dry cough and depression. Some patients, early in the disease, seem to also have soar throat, muscle/joint pain and nasal congestion. The symptoms are usually mild and approximately 80% of the patients recover without special treatment.
  2. Some patients have dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) and pneumonia, thus need admission to hospital. High risk groups (elderlies, patients with heart disease, diabetes etc) are more susceptible to the disease.


  1. Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is highly recommended. Use of plastic gloves does not substitute the significance of proper hygiene. Hand washing is recommended after contact with another person and especially his/her respiratory secretions (saliva,microdrops), contact with surfaces of the public facilities (levers, tables,doors etc), prior to the use of bathroom and before eating.
  2. When coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth with your hands, a handkerchief or the inside part of your arm. Wash your hands right afterwards.
  3. Touching the face, nose or mouth with bare hands is discouraged in the face of infectious agent transmission.
  4. Keep a safe distance (1 to 2 meters) with campers seeming to have specific and non-specific symptoms of respiratory disease (read previously).

Management plan of suspected COVID-19 case

  1. Covid-19 suspected patients appear to have soar throat, cough, fever, dyspnea and depression.
  2. Temporary isolation of the suspected case to his/her camping means (tent,caravan,bungalow etc) until examination by a doctor, or isolation of him/her to the isolation room having been designed by the Camping’s management for this purpose.
  3. In case a family member/partner etc of the suspected case wants to take care of him/her, face mask and gloves will be provided to him/her, disinfectant and personal hygiene equipment. Hand washing before touching the face, mouth or nose is encouraged.
  4. Personnel’s entrance to the isolation room is discouraged, unless serious issue has to be taken care. In the latter case, only one personnel will be in contact and take care with the suspected case.
  5. One-use equipment (face mask,gloves) are to be thrown into the trash bins and not be reused.
  6. Health Manager of the camping gets in contact IMMEDIATELY with the National Public Health Organisation, calling at 1135 (24h/7 days a week) to report the suspected case and ask for consultation. The Manager alsi gets in contact with a doctor and the local health establishment.
  7. After discharging of the suspected case from the isolation room, air refreshing, surface and objects disinfection will be done using chloride solution (0,1%), ethylene alcohol (70%) or other disinfectant with established antiviral properties. The solution will remain on all the isolation room’s surfaces for 10 minutes before flushking with fresh clean water.