Booking terms

Reservation Regulations & Cancellation Policy

  • Is only done by phone or by email
  • After the availability confirmation by the reception, for the requested period and after you have been deposited the 25% of your total order, then your reservation is valid.
  • Reservations in specific place cannot be done (for your own camping mean)
  • Reservations for rental accommodations must be above 3 overnights, for the months July and August. Customers who wish to stay less overnights are served according to the availability in shorter periods. For the months June, May and September there is no overnight limit
  • n case of cancellation by the customer- in more than 21 days before the agreed arrival date- the camping is obligated to refund the deposit. If the cancellation occurs-in less than 21 days before the agreed arrival date- the customer must pay half of the total amount of the cancelled order
  • Cancellation is made to the entire reservation and not to a part of it
  • In case the customer, after his arrival at the camping, wants to reduce the length of his stay he will be charged with the 50% of total amount of nights canceled
  • If the customers wish during their stay in camping, to prolong their stay, the company cannot guarantee the prolongation of the stay
  • In any condition we are at your disposal to discuss any situation that comes up
Regulation hoteliers’ client relations (Article 8 of Law 1652/30-10-86 FEK167A)